Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser Troubleshooting

Successful Businesses–Choosing Commercial Lighting

Choosing the right kind of commercial lighting plays a big part in running a successful business and keeping customers happy. Saving money should never be more important than installing the correct lighting for your situation from day one. The following are some ideas for three major industries and their commercial lighting. Office Lighting  Lighting plays a huge role in the office and how well employees can perform. A well lit office with softer light will keep office workers from straining their eyes while handling daily tasks. New advances in fluorescent lighting mean you can save on the office energy bill and provide pleasant lighting in a variety of hues for your employees.  Store Lighting  Lighting in a store can be the difference between someone coming in or not. There are two popular options for retail stores in regards to lighting: Track Lighting Florescent Pattern Lighting  Track lighting is great to highlight certain items or sale areas. Light draws a customer’s attention automatically. Fluorescent pattern lighting is designed to light retail spaces in a pleasing manner. Light does have great function and can add aesthetic value to any store space.  Restaurant Lighting Restaurants may be the commercial space in which lighting plays the biggest role of all. Lighting varies heavily depending on the design and intent of a particular restaurant. Have you ever walked into a romantic restaurant and seen stark white fluorescent lighting running along the ceiling? Probably not, and for good reason. Lighting sets moods and inspires emotions.  Many restaurants will have three types of commercial lighting all at once. Dim overhead lights provide illumination to the entire space, keeping wait staff and servers moving quickly and efficiently. Accent lighting on the walls gives the entire space a modern and matching look. Accent lighting is great as it can be installed with controls to brighten or dim the lights depending on the time of day and desired feel. Finally, romantic pendant lighting over each table adds a touch of elegance to any dining experience. Saving on Energy Costs  Cost of lighting should always be secondary to the fact that lighting must meet the appropriate needs of customers or employees. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make smart choices to keep costs low. Advances in LED lighting with commercial application can save big on energy. Make sure to explore all your options with a qualified contractor to find the perfect […]

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Dryer Not Tumbling? Check These Three Elements To Learn Why

If your dryer isn’t tumbling, there are three things that could be causing the issue. You could have a bad or off-track drum belt, a bad idler pulley or the motor could have gone bad. Here, you will learn how to test these elements, and hopefully, get your dryer tumbling again. Check the Drum Belt Remove the lower front panel if your dryer. This may require the removal of a few screws, but it should lift off easily. Look inside the dryer, do you see the belt connected to two round pulleys and around the drum? If not, you likely need to remove the back of the dryer to access the belt. Unplug the dryer and run your hand around the belt. Is the belt on the pulleys the way it should be? If not, try to reposition it onto the pulleys and test the dryer. Is the belt intact, or do you feel any rough edges on it? If the belt has broken completely or has rough spots on it, replace it. Check the Idler Pulley The idler pulley is located directly between the motor and the drum. Remove the belt from the idler pulley by lifting the pulley towards the drum to release the belt tension. Once the tension has been released, you should be able to easily lift the belt off of the pulley. Turn the pulley with your hands. Does it move freely and smoothly? Does it have any cracks, wear or damage that would prevent it from working properly? If the pulley is not in good working condition, replace it. If everything looks to be fine, reposition the belt and test the dryer. Check the Motor With the dryer unplugged, use a multimeter to test the motor. Disconnect the two wires that lead into the motor. Touch each of the meter probes to each of the connections on the motor. The meter should display a reading of zero or close to it. Check the ground. Put a probe on the metal housing on the motor. Place the other probe on one of the terminals. Your meter should not provide any readings. Repeat for the other terminal. If your motor does not pass either of these tests, it likely needs to be replaced. If you still cannot determine what is causing your dryer not to tumble, talk with your local appliance repair technician. With his or […]

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Tired Of Your Kitchen Cabinets? Here’s How To Refinish Them Yourself

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and remodeling your kitchen can be costly. Between new flooring, appliances, counter tops, and cabinets, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking for new ways to revitalize their kitchen without having to pay expensive contractor costs. If you want to bring a new look to your kitchen cabinets, refinishing them is easy, inexpensive, and a great way to breathe new life into them. Here’s how. Tools You Will Need Before your start your refinishing project, make sure you have all the necessary tools ready and available. You will need a sanding block, hammer, a screwdriver, painter’s tape, and good quality paint brushes. You may also need paint thinner or remover, depending on what your cabinets are already finished with. It’s a good idea to also get a tarp or a drop cloth so you can prevent damage to your floors. Preparing Your Cabinets The first thing you should do is empty all of your cabinets. This will make the process much easier and quicker, and will allow you room to work from the inside. Next, you will need to remove each cabinet door individually using the screwdriver. Unscrew the hardware that attaches your cabinet doors gently, and then remove each one. If there are shelves that can be removed, take them out as well. Label the cabinets with tape and a marker so you know which ones go where when it’s time to replace them. Now it’s time to thoroughly clean and sand each cabinet door and shelf. Make sure they are dry before sanding. The sanding process preps the surface for refinishing. You may have to strip the cabinets first, depending on if they’re painted or treated heavily. The Refinishing Process Now that your cabinets and shelves are prepped, it’s time to start refinishing. You will need to prime each one with primer before you begin painting them. Primer ensures that the paint stays on the surface and also helps ensure that the paint will adhere properly and look nice and smooth. Once the primed cabinets are dry, it’s time to begin painting. Using the color of your choice, paint each cabinet carefully using a quality paintbrush and rollers. You might have to use more than one coat to make sure they are fully covered. It’s a good idea to use semi-gloss paint, which can help prevent the cabinets from staining. If […]

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